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As more and more companies connect their computers into networks and prompt their employees to use shared resources, searching for files over LAN becomes an increasingly difficult task. Frequently, people do not remember the exact file names, which results in a horrendous amount of time spent waiting for the search results. Plus there are other issues, like searching through hidden shares, password-protected resources, processing files in different languages and so on and so forth. Does your current search utility work the way you want it to? Then you probably should consider something completely different.

StrongSearch is an effective and flexible LAN file search utility that produces exact matches to your search criteria quickly and reliably, regardless of the network size. This multi-threaded search tool lets users set several masks at the same time and conduct multiple searches simultaneously, which speeds up the search tremendously. The other great features are hidden resources search, flexible domain search settings, and search result export options (HTML and XML). The program even supports searching through password protected resources. Importantly, when conducting searches through hidden and password-protected resources, StrongSearch does not use any illegal methods and requires authorization data to be entered.

The program supports multiple file search attributes (like file type or date of creation) and is very simple in use, making it perfect for home networks and even individual PCs, not connected to any network. The other nice features are DragnDrop support and Copy/Paste feature for the files found as a result of the search. Best of all, the program is free to try. You can get it and see how well in fits into your network architecture, before purchasing it.

Main Features

  • Huge network supports;
  • Fast multi-threaded search engine;
  • Ability to search by several file masks at one time;
  • Ability to search files by size, file date, attributes;
  • Flexible search scope settings;
  • Using tabs (as in Mozilla and Opera browsers) allows you to search with different parameters simultaneously;
  • Fast search by predetermined file types;
  • Ability to work with password-protected resources;
  • Ability to work with windows hidden shares (e.g. C$);
  • Ability to sort by any parameters results of search;
  • Ability to connect/disconnect network drives;
  • Fast search in results;
  • Drag'n'Drop and Copy/Paste support;
  • Save, restore results of search;
  • Export search results in HTML, XML file format;
  • Multi-language support (English, Swedish, Russian, Bulgarian).